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21st-Jun-2019 09:35 pm - Buuuuks
cats & cute
27th-Dec-2010 05:38 pm - Skipping D: (:D)
cats & cute
Can't help it, really. It's all Xime's fault. I was happy with my muffin and my 'crap I have to stay til late here', and then she comes with her indecisiveness and now I really don't want to work xD.
Besides, I already did a lot of work here, and I kinda want to be lazy for the rest of the day.

Aaaaand... officially off the clock! Everybody went home xD I'm aaaaall alone and it's not even 6.15... well well, look who's the responsible worker now.
gah, anyway, I don't want to write much, I was just trying not to work.
But let's see... Xmas: good, post-Xmas: good, working-days-post-Xmas: gah, kill me now...
The cute thing of Xmas are the houses two block from mine. They're all decorated and cute and bright and I almost end up blind. Uhm... I got clothes, and chocolate and... I guess that was it... I gave away just three presents, xime helped me pick them up (thanks, muffin), and that was my contribution to the date *feels kinda accomplished but didn't really care in the first place*.

5 minutes to go. I'm waiting for Xime to call so we can go eat nachos!
*mentally calling Xime*
*gets busy signal*
*mentally cursing Xime*
... I'm going. Other day something a little more worthwhile reading.
6th-Dec-2010 08:00 pm - Two in row o.o
not a good day
I know, right!?
Though this is going to be extra hard. I figured a way to connect my mp3 to the radio... Well, yeah, I know, there's always been a way, and I just remember to bring that cable thingy to connect it. So... yeah, uber-tech, that's my name... Oh, but that's not what I was saying xD Ok, backtracking: this is going to be extra hard because now I can actually sing the songs, not just ... la-la-laling them... And I have my 'always always hear these songs' playlist, so... yeah, double not-concentration-skills. And so I keep forgetting what I'm writing... If I stop making sense (or if I actually start), just, I don't know, go drink a soda or something, it's going to make sense when you get back (seriously).

It's really difficult, though. I have to type at 50000 letters/sec every time there's a lull in the song. I can't multi-process. I can't even eat u.u It's a sad life the one I'm leading.

Today I'm not working (stop it, don't you go all 'when have you ever?' I'm on to you ¬¬). *cof* Anyway, but I'm at the office, that's why the music's all loud... I wonder if the other office is getting a free show... they'll be so lucky.

Ah, crap, I really can't do this xD Tap my tummy and rub my head, yeah; pay attention to the TV and a conversation, check; drink a gallon of water while dancing techno and blinking cotton candy, of course (well, no, but how cool would that be); sing and write, big no-no.

Well, I had nothing relevant to say anyway... I have no x-mas presents for anyone... I won't buy either. Souvenirs and that's it, if you don't like it... I'll ... keep your souvenir (I was probably going to do it anyway, so I don't care, fight the power and all that). I'm almost done with this semester, and January I'm going to work it like crazy. Why? ... Because a didn't say no xD I don't mind really, a full month abroad for vacations sound preeeetty good.

See? Music and writing, not a good match. I'm going to leave it, it's just not worth it xD Anyway, if you still read this all the way thru, I.O.U a ... lollipop, or you know, something that's actually real. For the next post I'll have to be deaf or... ded? or just unplug the damn thing. But please, who are we kidding? Never gonna happen. Masho pride.

P.s (at 1.10 this morning): The Last Airbender.Worst.Movie.Ever.
17th-Jun-2010 10:24 pm - Is Not
cape whoosh noises
A really short question for you nerd/geeks out there. When you're programming something, like a web, you know, and it's time for debugging, normally you'll put some fool proof stupid flag like this:
 if (var == 1) echo "it's 1"
else echo "is not";

And when you run it and get "is not"... isn't your first impulse to type "why not?"... or was it just me?
23rd-Feb-2010 03:05 pm - Half hour lunch
too small
Normally I left like 3 entries unfinished before I actually publish one. Why? Long entries. It's a desease. I'm dealing with it. LEA (Long Entries Anony... damnit, however you write that thing). This time, though, when I finally said to myself "publish something!!" ... well, not a half-written entry in sight. Destiny, you and your stupid humor. ... Wait, is there a stand-up comedian name Destiny??? That'll be awesome. I'll be her (oh god, I hope it's a her) groupie in no time.

New job (2 enough words to put you in context). And our hour (xD for whoever gets the stupid pun I'm laughing about) for lunch is spent here, in front of my computer. Those other two got to the couch first and I didn't get my half hour uber-relaxation (not really). So I said to myself "you're awesome", and then, after I completely agreed with me, I figure I might as well write a little something something to spend the other half hour of lunch doing something absolutely unproductive for humanity and mankind.

Summer vacations are about to end... I would say 'sadly' and start to cry abour the injustice of time-space continuity (yeah, geeks, whatever that means) and that this... like three months flew by in the blink of an eye. I really can ramble about that for a loooot of time (don't believe me? see my first entries). But!! as I mentioned, I got a job. Cry for me. A little. Though money is a good insentive for this kind of torture. Anyway, now I just want summer vacations to end, or at least, this next two weeks to go bye bye in no time. It's not that I don't like using my brain for something other than trying to move the remote control towards me when it's too far (so far, score is 0 to 51), it's just that I'd like using my brain from my house... better if it's from the couch or bed. Call me lazy, but I really work better that way (graphs demostrating this theory are on the way) (err.... but don't wait up).
After this two weeks go by, I have to decide what to do with my life (again), because apparently, I no longer have the ability of surviving with $5K a month (I really did have that ability.... oh, the good times).

On other subject.... I think I'm finally going to start the scrapbook I wanted of the NY trip. Er... a year and something late?? Y'aha. I've got an extremely slow loading bar. Though, I'm probably saying this here and never ever mention the subject again... Or there can be miracles (doubtful). There should be a Scrapbook Professional, whom you could call everytime you have really large amount of photos and have no idea what to do with them.

Oh, wait, before I forget. I got one week of freedom and spent it amoebing in Temuco (city, not person). The trip was a little... blah, because someone wouldn't let me sleep with the snoring (if I'd been in the mood, I would've played 'How many Rolls on his mouth will make him shut up (or choke to death)'. But it was late, and it'd been a waste of Rolls). We didn't do much... Ok, maybe you did, I mostly just... stayed there... It was awesome!

My half hour is almost up. So a little summary of everything else, because I know you care soooo much about this, you're avid for information of me (stalker out there, stop it). Great time in Temuco (city, not person), not uber-great trip, have to get together with Liz & Hime (someday, someday...), just two more week of work... and that would be it. You lost like 4 months of my life and that's all you get for the wait.

'Till... I don't know, a year maybe. Miss me!

P.S.: The 'Get Psyched Mix' of Barney actually works xD
7th-Oct-2009 04:08 pm - Most duh conclussion of the day
profesion time waster

Extremely bored.
And i'm not even paying attention to this class.
But still. B-o-ring.
Finally yesterday i could enjoy my newly acquired freedom a little more. I would've slept aaaaall day. But no, i didn't. You know why? Yeah, neither do i. I woke up before lunch time. Can you believe it?! I can't xD. And still, with relatively more hours of sleep in my system, i came one hour late to my first class today.
Oh well, that's life. I can live with that on my conscience.

Even if i do a lot of things day to day (not true, but stay with me for a while), i get bored easily. Why? First answer that comes to mind: life's boring. But really?? Classes are boring. Melt-my-brain-and-slip-on-the-remains boring. Or maybe this is the only boring class i have, but it's so bad it sucks every other part of my life, making it like a boredom-blackhole of doom.
Oh god... more than a hundred slides... I'm gonna drop dead right now.

Wha ?? Did he...?? I guess we're free to go now... Wow, like two hours early.
I guess we're gonna run for the hills now before his braincells start waking and realize the fact that we're ending this ev01ness two hours early.

*steelty ninja mode on*
*and off*

Damn, nobody's going out... I'll hang out here for a while...
Soooo.... how've you been?

-- break --

Freedom!1! Yeah babes. *Victory dance*
Gosh, i really know this is lame. But i'm trying to get a hang on this writing thing again, so it's going to take a while before things get coherent again... Keep suffering, people.
29th-Sep-2009 11:32 am - Last Day!
cats & cute

Hey! Guess what!
Last day, baby!
Huh, how did you guess?
Well well, i quit xD Yeeeeah. Why? Need time to do nothing. Only reason? Well, no, but the most important one.
Downside? No more income, sadly. Cry for me. But anyway, i still have a lot of savings (yay for overly cheap moms and their inherit traits!). Though after this semester is over, i'm planning on working again. I luuuuv lazy time, but without something to keep my brain-engine moving, i think it'll melt. Besides.... money money money. Won't die for it, but it's certainly a good thing to have.

So, now i'll have more time. To do nothing, correct, but also to meet with people. I've been posponing social gatherings for like... forever, really. Weekend sacred, so the only real time i got was... well, none, 'coz from monday till friday i was busy from 9am till 8pm.
I'm gonna miss having something to keep my brain busy, but i'll figure something out, i guess. Well, i should actualy catch up with things i've been setting aside. Like translating. Gosh, i already feel bad when someone adds me as favorite story =P So, i should be fullfiling my duty regarding that. And i guess that's about it xD. Not much responsabilities. But on the hobby side of things, i'll read more, i'll watch series... and oh! i should do some homework on the time left *wink*. And, of course, timeless trips to Starbucks, 'coz i miss it like crazy. I love having that kind of free time. The spend of money without future income will be a little uncomfortable, and my mom probably'll want me to keep charging me for everything, but i'll deal with that later.

As for now, just 6 hours and counting. Then freedom!!
28th-Jul-2009 09:15 pm - Yeah, on vacations alright
profesion time waster

Well well!!
No, I'm not bored... well, a little. Actually, i'm waiting for my house to be quiet so i can read like god intended me to. Quietly.

Are you wondering "i'm i back"? Well, not really. I'm probably gonna disappear for a century or so after posting this. Is the circle of life. Or was it the rules of nature? or the Force...? Aaaanyway, you got it. It's like a 'Whoopsie' of Mortal Kombat (btw, i hate that game).

Rumba (aka Ramble)Collapse )
13th-Jun-2008 01:42 pm - Coffee, Brownie... and air...
I can type xD

Hey!! You'll never guess were I am!! ... Well, duh, now of course you know because of the title... But for the slow auddience, i'm on Starbucks!!!
You probably wouldn't know, but since all fridays i have to wait an insanely amount of time, today i came here =)
Last friday i went shopping 'cos my mum asked me, and then i had to go pick her up, so i stayed at the Starbucks in Santiago Centro. Sadly, though, i didn't had my laptop. Why, you may ask (or not)?? Well, i thought about it, but i went to pick my mother up precisely because i had to carry her laptop... i may be inhumanly strong, i know, but not even Spiderman can carry 2 laptops and not die in the process.
So, anyway, today i had to wait, yet again, but now i didn't have to go pick my mother up, so yay!! I was in the mood for walking, so i left the U at 11 o'clock and now i'm in Providencia in a Starbucks i've never even seen here, but it appeared!! Fully prepared!! Chocolate brownie, Chocolate créme AND laptop!! *does teh happy dance =D*

So, of course, you'll probably guess i'm going to annoy you with my "i don't have anything to write" speech. But you're wrong!!! Ha! How does it feel?!
... XD Ok, i'm in a good mood today, so that's why i'm writing like i wrote on my first months using this stuff (honestly, reading past entries... i crack myself up XD) and i know i've been missing that here... but hey! At least this entry is half-decent, no??? ...Ok, don't answer, let me dream, people!!
Uhm, where was i??? Well, anyway, i'm not going to mop about not having anything decent to write. Well, actually, i really don't, but i figure i'll tell i bit about... what i've done to avoid rot myself with boredom???

Assuming you don't have any complains with that (if you do, i learned an useful phrase reading Just Listen: "go fuck yourself... or not". Now, with that out of the way...), i'll start randoming:

WARNING! Random Has Started!! Enter on your own, I"m leaving the building. Please lend the lifesavers to women and children... or notCollapse )

And the pictures, just because i have them (lj-cut so it doesn"t screw the screwed layout =P)Collapse )
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